Apple Airpods Review


I was very hesitant about buying these because I wasn’t convinced they would stay in my ears. The chances the EarPods would stay in my ears varied by the day and activity. Turns out I didn’t have much to worry about.

I put them in my ears and they stay there. I run and they don’t budge even after I get sweaty. I’ve run, gone to the gym, worked, shook my head, mowed the lawn, and snow blowed the driveway while wearing them with no problem.

That being said they won’t work for everyone. For me the weight of the cord of the EarPods appears to be the culprit that was causing the EarPods to fall out, but others they may just not fit their ears well. If you purchase a pair of AirPods and you find they don’t fit there are accessories that can help them fit better. However, I’ve never used any of those and am not sure how they’d fit within the charging case. The employee at the Apple store that complete my transaction made it sound like I could return them if it didn’t fit.


These ear buds are great to toss in you bag or pocket and go. Before I head out anywhere I’ll grab the charging case and put it in my pocket. At my destination I pop them in, double tap one, and say “play”. As simple as that and my podcast or music I was listening to in the car resumes and I’m on my way.

Even when I’m at home they are usually in my pocket. The case has a rather low profile so I forget they’re in there a lot. Most of my media consumption is on an iPhone 8+ or an iPad Pro so being able to pop them in and watch something at home or anywhere else is very convenient.

Sound Quality

Not much to write home about here to be honest. They sound about the same as the EarPods. I also own a pair of Beats X and those have a deeper sound than the AirPods which would not affect my purchasing decision for either product. Overall, the sound is fine though. Music, podcasts, and movies sound as good and I don’t notice any problems.

Voice quality for phone calls did not result in any problems. Anytime I made a call the other party could hear me fine and I had no problems hearing them. Sometimes I work from home and the AirPods are invaluable for teleconferences.

Battery Life

I charge the case about one per week. Sometimes twice if I use them a lot at work. Charging is simple enough. Just plug in you iPhone’s lighting cable from an iPhone/iPad wall charger or charge from your computers USB. For the best results though, stick to the wall chargers. I keep an extra one at my desk at work and I have a bunch at home left over from several Apple devices.

Apple’s specifications state that you can get 5 hours out of each AirPod while listening to audio and 2 hours of talk time. Recharging them in the case gives you a total of 24 hours of listening time or 11 hours of talk time before you need to find an outlet. If you’re looking to further extend usage you can use one ear bud at a time. Rather than using both ear buds for 5 hours and then having to recharge you can use one ear bud for 5 hours and switch out for the other when the battery gets low. Repeat until the case’s battery needs to be recharged.

There are some mods out there that can make the AirPod case charge with a wireless charger, but I don’t now the impacts on the battery life. Here is a link for the curious. 3 steps and $10 if you want to give it a try.


They are small. I have dropped individual earbuds a bunch of times. I don’t walk around in a large city or out in the street as much but I imagine a fair number of these have been claimed by storm drains. If one of them gets bumped on something the chances of that earbud falling out are high.

The only problem I’ve run into was the earbuds got out of sync. One earbud was a half second or so behind the other one. I pulled the offending ear bud out for a second and put it back in and the problem was resolved. I haven’t experienced that issue since. One of my coworkers had it happen a couple of days before I did. He did the same thing to resolve the issue, and he has not had it happen again either as far as I know.


Overall, I recommend Apple’s AirPods. The convenience alone makes them a valuable part of my every day carry items. Granted you can find Bluetooth headphones that are cheaper the quality just isn’t there. Comparing AirPods to the LG pair of Bluetooth headphones I have is no contest. The AirPods win out in every aspect.