iOS Workflow App – Quickly Send BCH Through Cointext

I recently signed up for CoinText and it seems like a great idea. It also seemed like a lot of copying and pasting phone numbers, address, etc. I leveraged the Workflow app on iOS (which will soon be integrated with Siri as of iOS 12) to make the process a bit simpler. Just start the workflow and choose if you want to use a contact’s phone number, enter a BCH address, or manually enter a phone number. Then enter how much in USD you would like to send. Once that is finished the workflow will compile the information and send it through CoinText. The only pre-setup that you need to do is add CoinText to your contacts and set that as the iMessage send number in the last step.

I added import options to make it simpler to adapt to other countries/fiat currencies.

Here is a link to the Workflow itself and below is a screenshot of the workflow if you want to build it yourself.

The workflow in screenshot form